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So many opportunities arise to give beyond ourselves and make a difference in our community. We give of our time, our resources, our passion, and our abilities. If your passion lies in helping women and children, the Alliance for Women & Children is the place you can “act in kindness.” By helping the Alliance fulfill our mission to empower women and children through quality programs designed to educate and assist women to be health conscious and self-sufficient and to provide a nurturing and safe environment for school-aged children, we can help you achieve your philanthropic goals.


Leave A Legacy

The membership of the Alliance for Women & Children is a vital part achieving our mission. Members can be girls or women age 12 and older. One joins because they wish to access a program, serve as a leader, support the mission, and/or support the programs of the Alliance. As a voting member, one is responsible to elect the Board of Directors. Our members also are invited to all of our functions and to member only events, including an annual membership meeting at the end of each year. Members are required to pay annual dues and remain in good standing with the treasurer of the Board.

Why should you become or continue to be a member?
With the hard work the Alliance is doing to serve this community more effectively and more efficiently, we need your support even more than we ever have before. It takes great resources to provide quality programs to our clients in the most affordable manner.

Did you know…

Alliance After-School Care costs almost half the tuition of a regular daycare and is equally licensed? On top of the affordability, Alliance After School Care is offering an educational curriculum program that will positively affect our children’s academic performance, thus helping our school districts meet their academic goals.

The dues received from our membership help us achieve our mission through each of these exciting and impactful programs. Want you join us? For more details or ways to give, contact LaQuiera Gantt, Executive Director, at 325-677-5321 or

You can get involved with the Alliance for Women & Children by becoming a sponsor. The Alliance has fundraising events in order to fund the overhead costs of the programs we provide to the community. In order to maximize every dollar, the Alliance relies heavily on sponsorships from corporations, local businesses, and community members to underwrite the cost of putting on the event. By sponsoring events for the Alliance, you receive recognition in multiple areas. For more details or ways to give, contact Toni Brockway, Executive Director, at 325-677-5321 or

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