Note from Toni Brown, Executive Director

Thank you for joining the Alliance for Women & Children. I am excited to have you here. It is only with and through you that we can accomplish our mission and vision. You are an intrigural part of the Alliance, come serve with us.


The Alliance for Women and Children provides quality programs to empower all women and children by:
  • Educating and assisting women to be health conscious and self-sufficient, and
  • Providing a nurturing and safe environment for school-aged children.


The vision of the Alliance for Women and Children is to continue to empower the women and children of the community by providing uniquely designed programs that will encourage the following:
  • Self-assurance----encouraging women and children to be confident in their own abilities and the quality decisions that they make in their lives
  • Promote well-being----providing information and tools which teach that well-being is not just a state of mind but a state of body as well
  • Continued success---- offering challenging and enriching programs to women and children that will capitalize on their potential

Recognizing and meeting the needs of women and children as those needs change with societal and economic shifts in our community will assure success in our future service to women and children.

  • Payroll Information – links & forms

    Biweekly Payroll Process

    The Alliance for Women & Children’s payroll is outsourced to a company by the name of PayChex. Payroll is prepared biweekly with the two week period starting on a Monday and ending on Sunday. Timesheets are due on Monday by 10am following the Sunday end of pay period. Friday or the last day of work for the pay period please carefully review and add your time sheet, sign and turn in to your Supervisor or the Senior Counselor. The Supervisor or Senior Councilor will be responsible for ensuring that your timesheet is turned into the office on time.

    After payroll is processed your funds will be deposited into your checking/savings or a debit account established by us at midnight on Wednesday – your actual payday is Thursday. As early as Tuesday you are welcome to sign in and view your check stub but it might be as late as Wednesday after noon before it is available, no later than Thursday morning. The link below is where you will need to sign on to view this information. NO CHECK STUB will be printed by us – you are welcome to view, print or simply save your stub on to your personal electronic devise.

    PayChex Link

    The link below will allow you as an employee access to check stubs and W-2 as well as access to your personal information such as address and withholding elections. This link is how you will maintain personal contact information and view other information. If you want to make changes to the bank account that your check is being deposited in or if you would like to change your W-4 election you will need to open the pdf’s below – print and complete or see your supervisor to get a copy.
    PayChex Link

    End of Year

    W-2 Process Starting in 2011 the Alliance for Women & Children will no longer print and mail W-2’s. You will access your W-2 in the same way you access your check stub – even after you are no longer an employee of the Alliance for Women & Children