After-School Care

After School Care Program Director
Janelle Sands
325.677.5321 ext. 104

About the Program...

The Alliance After-School Care mission is to reveal the value of each child by providing a safe and positive environment that guides children on their journey to discovering their unique potential while supporting their basic learning needs.

Ready to have some fun! With more than 60 qualified counselors, we are ready to serve an average of 550-600 children in the largest, state licensed after-school care program in Abilene and surrounding communities including Clyde, Merkel, Jim Ned and now serving the Texas Leadership Charter Academy. We are fortunate to have partnerships with local organizations to bring the excitement to your family through Enrichment Programming which brings unique adventures to the After School Care site for expository learning experiences! This grants our students participation in programs in which they may not otherwise have access to. This year we welcome the award winning Leader in Me Program in partnership with the local school district to offer personal leadership skills to our growing leaders. We are committed to providing a positive, nurturing after-school experience at a reasonable price – After School Care is $140 per month, which is less than $8 per day!

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  • Program Cost & Sign Up


    Parents can enroll their child(ren) using the online link or by printing the Enrollment Form PDF completing and dropping it off at our office - Alliance for Women & Children 1350 North 10th. There is an enrollment fee which is a once a year administration fee of $25.00 per child and $50.00 for two or more children.

    Program Cost

    August – no fee
    September – May – first child - $140, Two children - $238, Three children - $336, Four or more children - $434

    Financial Assistance

    We are an approved provider with CCS (formerly CCPO) – please contact them to let them know you are enrolling – they will establish your fee. Additionally, we do offer financial assistance if you can not afford care. This link will send you to the form that must be completed and submitted each semester or when your circumstances change. You will be contacted within 3 business days with your rate.

    Whether you complete the online form or print and deliver, you will need to drop by the office (1350 North 10th – M-F 8:30 to 5:00) before the first day of care to pay the enrollment fee, the first month of care and sign the enrollment form. We apologize for this inconvenience; it is a requirement of the state licensing body and is for your and your child’s protection. More information can be seen in the Parent Handbook.

  • Daily Schedule & Activities

    ASC is committed to raising the bar by encouraging each child to spend time learning new things about nature, history, science, math and the basic building blocks of education. We have dedicated counselors that spend time in the Homework Club where students can receive help in any area that they need help in; this cultivates a healthy learning style for future success. ASC has identified a very successful curriculum for next year that will enable students to expand their minds and enhance what they know making it fun and exciting. After the children are served a snack, they enjoy age appropriate-play oriented activities.

    Daily Schedule

    Sign-in – 3:00 – 3:15
    Snack Time – 3:15
    Homework Time -3:15 (30 minutes or more)
    Enrichment Time - 3:45 (45 minutes):
    - Craft, Performing Arts, etc
    Playground Recess- 4:15 (20 minutes)
    Group Sport Games – 4:40 (30 minutes)
    Choice of Indoor Activity 5:10 (20 minutes):
    - Board Games, Drawing, and Reading
    Gym Group Play – 5:30 (30 minutes or until pickup by 6:00)
    *Schedule subject to change by school

  • Locations & Staff

    Participating Campuses

    After School Care relies on the partnerships of local school districts and parents like you! Today we serve children in 4 local school districts and the new Texas Leadership Charter Academy – all sites are licensed by the state of Texas.

    The Abilene ISD schools that participate in the program are: Austin, Bassetti, Bonham, Bowie, Jackson, Johnston, Long, Ortiz, Reagan, Taylor, Thomas, Ward and Woodson.

    The Jim Ned CISD schools that participates in the program are Buffalo Gap and Lawn Elementaries.

    The Merkel ISD school that participates in the program is at Merkel Elementary.

    The Clyde CISD schools that participate in the program are Clyde Elementary and Clyde Intermediate. This program is housed at Clyde Intermediate School.

    The hours of operation for all school are from the school release time to 6:00pm. We are happy to have all snack and beverages provided by the partnering school that give the student nutritional and healthy snacks each afternoon.


    ASC counselors are trained in CPR & First Aid, Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention, Management of Communicable Diseases as well as an additional 24 hours with our Youth Program Director completing training each school year per the requirements set forth by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. All counselors undergo background checks and provide recommendations of previous experience.

    Contact Crystal Windham, at for additional program information or assistance with changes to your family's contact information or pick up list.

    Contact Maggie Greer at or Janelle Sands at for any additional information or assistance.

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  • Holiday/In-Service Care

    ACS follows the school calendar. Because of this policy, the program is closed on the days that the school is not in session. However, for most of these days - ASC offers holiday and in-service care at our facility at 1350 N. 10th from 7:30am – 6:00pm. This allows parents to bring the children to a place that provides a variety of activities including arts and crafts, sports and games, music and dramatic play, cooking, science and discovery, and special interest and events. All of our program schedules are very flexible and provide adaptability, and are structured around the children to serve them the best. Cost of one day of care for camp is $15.00 and availability is limited, so sign up today. Cost is $75.00 for the full week. We are unable to offer scholarships and at this time we, are not licensed and are unable to accept CCS. Camp must be paid for in advance and is not refundable.

    ASC In-Service or Holiday Care Reservation

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • What will the Alliance for Women & Children After-School Care program cost for my child to attend?
      A: First, you will need to enroll in the program and this includes a one-time per school year enrollment fee of $25.00 for each child up to 2 children. Next is a monthly fee for service – for the 2014/2015 school year the cost is as follows:

      August – No fee
      September – May – first child $140.00 – two children $238 – three children $336 – four children $434.
      See parent handbook for more information.
    • What if I do not need care for the entire week?
      A: Unfortunately, we are not set up to support part-time care with respect to rate. Our cost is very low and our program is designed to support you to work, go to school or simply manage your household. We would encourage you to allow your child to attend everyday – it is our goal to not simply babysit but rather to add value to them by helping them with homework, allowing them social and play time.
    • Why is it a flat rate?
      A: To even out the cost of after-school care and avoid spikes, we have calculated a total cost of care for the school year and divided it equally. The average daily cost of care is $8.00 – a pretty good value even if you don’t use the services every day.
    • Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships?
      A: Yes we do – financial assistance or scholarship are granted by semester and must be requested or updated each semester or as your situation changes. Complete this e-form and we will get back to you within 3 business days with your eligible rate. Please provide proof on income when you apply.
    • What should my child expect?
      A: He or she should expect a smooth transition from a busy school day starting with a snack while wrapping up their unfinished school work (homework time). Next, we will engage them in various creative and active outlets to encourage and develop their unique talents.
    • What is the general schedule of the afternoon?

      Program Daily Activities Schedule

      Sign-in – 3:00 – 3:15
      Snack Time – 3:15
      Homework Time -3:15 (30 minutes)
      Enrichment Time - 3:45 (45 minutes):
      - Craft, Performing Arts, etc.
      Playground Recess- 4:15 (20 minutes)
      Group Sport Games – 4:40 (30 minutes)
      Choice of Indoor Activity 5:10 (20 minutes):
      - Board Games, Drawing, and Reading
      Gym Group Play – 5:30 (30 minutes or until pickup by 6:00)
      - Various Scheduled – Martial Arts, Tutoring, Book Reading- (Weekly)
    • How will I know my child is in your care – transition from school to after-school care?
      A: Pre-K & kindergarten children are picked up in the classroom - children 1st – 5th are expected to go to the designated area. Daily sign in sheets are forwarded to the school administration office – this documents all called-in absences received at the Alliance for Women & Children prior to 1pm and will be used to control attendance. If we are not aware of an absence and your child does not report, we will contact you no later than 3:30.
    • Do I need to let you know when my child will not be attending ASC for the day?
      A: YES – there are several ways you can do this – you are always welcome to contact us at 325-677-5321 ext. 103 to inform us of an absence due to illness or other plans or follow the link below to report the absence via the internet. Whatever method is the easiest for you works for us. Please note it is extremely important that you do report to us, otherwise we will make contact with you regarding your child to ensure their safety.
    • What ages are included in the program?
      A: All children in kindergarten through 5th grade that attend one of the participating schools. We also offer an after-school program for 4 years old that attend Locust and Woodson Head Start programs.
    • Who regulates your program?
      A: The Alliance for Women & Children After-School Care Program is licensed by the Child Care Licensing Division of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. All of our locations are routinely inspected by a child care licensing representative. The Abilene Fire Department and the Taylor County Health Department conduct an annual inspection as well.
    • What is the child to staff ratio?
      A: Licensing requires 1 staff to 25 children, however our goal is to have 1 staff to every 15 children to ensure that each child has the support necessary.
    • What about early release?
      A: We are committed to providing after-school care every school day. Regardless of the time school releases – we are there.
    • Do you provide care on bad weather days?
      A: No – because the program is offered on the elementary school campus, we observe “school closings” for bad weather. Please watch the crawl on the bottom of the local news channels for us to report that we are closed or for the school district to report. Because we serve more than AISD, we will honor each school districts unique closing decision.
    • Do you provide care on teacher / school in-service days or holidays?
      A: We do offer camps at our main office – 1350 North 10th on most of the in-service/holidays days – click this link to see camps offered and sign up.
    • Where and how do I make payments?
      Payment is due in advance of service. Checking/savings account draft is the easiest way to pay reducing the chance of late fees. Simply print the “Direct Draft” form, attach a voided check, and bring in with you when you enroll. Payment can also be mailed or personally dropped off at our main office at 1350 N 10th. However, please note payments received after the due date will be charged a late fee. Also, ensure that your child’s name is written in the memo section of your check or money order. You may also pay online on our Pay Now button located on this web page
    • What if I have a Flex Spending Account and need a receipt?
      A: Click here to request a receipt to be emailed or faxed to you.
    • How can I make an impact with After School Care?
      A: Our On Site Directors and Counselors are there to support your child and family- the better you get to know them the better they can serve you.

      We also have parties for the children based on location and would love your support. Feel free to get to know our counselors and help plan parties at the school. Also, we encourage you to get involved and attend events that we have each semester like Fall Festivals and Alliance Best Dance Crew (ABDC).
    • What if I just want to visit?
      A: If your child is already in the program, you are always welcome to come by and get involved in our program. If you are simply considering the program and want to observe, please see the On Site Director at the site.
    • What if I am a part of the CCS (formerly CCPO) program?
      A: We welcome CCS; the first step is to tell CCS that you want to enroll your child in our program. We already work with CCS and all they will need to do is send us your information regarding payment. Once you have contacted CCS, your child can start after school care.


“I'm really glad this is offered to our parents, and I appreciate that your staff works with the teachers to help these kids in so many ways. Thank you for a wonderful program!”
– Teacher, Buffalo Gap Elementary

“My daughter loves Alliance so much that she hates when we pick her up before 6:00 pm! She loves the staff at Jackson and has met so many friends through this program. I am so glad to have the Alliance in our community. Thanks for all you do!”
– Parent, Jackson Elementary

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